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Default MSCONFIG / environment variables etc

It's a very hazy recollection but from a long time ago I seem to remember running a program (it had a Windows GUI) under which I could set up various things for my PC. It looked very like msconfig.exe (in fact, I'm convinced that it was msconfig.exe) but I could set things like environment variables and I could add or remove things from my path.

If I remember correctly, it would set up basic environment variables that were available to the system, even for Windows programs. If I opened a DOS terminal, any extra settings from within AUTOEXEC.BAT would get added to the ones that were already set up.

Does this ring any bells with anyone? I've tried opening msconfig.exe (under WinXP) but I can't find any way to adjust my path or environment settings. Also, msconfig.exe doesn't even seem to be available under Win2K - and yet I'm sure that this program existed, even as far back as Win98.

Obviously, I'm getting confused with something else. Can anyone suggest what I might be thinking of.
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