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Ok...when I entered these boards I felt like an Amish when it came to performance and value of my competing computers. I still feel that way as of today!!!!! Im in deep need for some memory, but would like a great deal more for a burner...40x is more than enough for me...not lookin for anything lightning fast...something that will get the job done. If it's any site that i know would hook me up w/ stuff, its u guys...ur the only forum that i attend cuz i believe that no other is as kick ass as u guys...what other forums would know the difference between nerds and geeks, (we are geeks). U guys are my homepage, and the site i spend the most time on BY FAR! most likely more than email. My most treasured piece of comp equip would have to be a needed vc, as i am running a frickin sis 5597....for crying out loud...with a damn cyrix cpu....i mean come on!!!! I hope that my plea has gotten to u all...
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