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Originally Posted by vee_ess
Well, fan adapters give you one or the other. If you are running a low performance fan, the noise won't increase, but it will push out more air; if you are running a high performance fan, the noise will decrease, but it will put out as much air. This is because you are running a given amount of air through the smaller hole size, except it is eased into the increased pressure (vs. larger hole). I would just suggest getting out the Dremel and increasing the hole. Heck, just put a window in while your at it.
vee...I seem to be getting mixed signals...or I am just plain slow. At first it apprears that you are talking about a fan adapter on the heatsink for your processor...and later you seem to be talking about a blow hole. I am concerned with the heatsink on the adapter...putting a bigger fan on with lower decibel, but higher or equal CFM
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