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Default Water Cooled Gaming Shuttle Boxes

We had the opportunity to spend some time with Shuttle on the CES show floor today where we saw some of their new SFF (Small Form Factor) boxes. Those of you familiar with Shuttle know that they practically invented the SFF rigs. Soon they will be releasing Shuttle boxes with core i7 support as well as custom boxes with watercooling for both the CPU and video card. We are not talking about wimpy video either as Shuttle was showing off Geforce 295 equipped machines that managed to keep those beasts cool and maintain a relatively quiet environment.

Shuttle also showed us some really cool SFF boxes equipped with touchscreen LCD's in the front which had the ability to control home appliances. The box, meant for home automation as well as primarily targeted towards home security was capable of receiving feeds from multiple cameras and recording the video.

Stay tuned to TWL for the upcoming reviews of these boxes.
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