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Default Asus M4A78T-E AM3 DDR3 Motherboard @ Bjorn3D

Asus has always been in the fast lane when it comes to releasing new technology and this time they're one of the first to field a viable AM3 board that budget minded enthusiasts can afford. The Asus M4A78T-E is targeted toward the new AM3 Phenom II lineup of CPU's and takes DDR3. We were excited to see the new generation board becoming available and when Asus offered one of the M4A78T-E boards up to the benchmarking alter we were quick to accept.

What we're most interested in is the overclocking ability and how far the board can drive the CPU. We expect much the same results with DDR3 that Intel chips had when part of the 775 platform moved to DDR3. Some people will love it while others will hold on to their DDR2 until the cows come home.

No matter if you're in the DDR2 or DDR3 camp AMD, has you covered with AM2+ and AM3 CPU's on one of the most flexible platforms we've ever seen. If you want to use the Asus M4A78T-E you'll have to use DDR3, and we can easily recommend the AM3+ platform for it's longevity. New products will be coming out for the AM3 platform. AM2+ got a reprieve but soon it'll be getting stale. So, sit back and relax and leave the testing to Bjorn3D.

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