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I feel the same way. I think Vista had a rough launch, where things were promised but weren't delivered on. All the IT community that had adopted early was annoyed with the incomplete features and of course went on to tell their less tech savy friends who seek advice from them. I think this is where all the bad rumors of Vista started from. After a few patches were rolled out and alot of the driver issues were fixed, Vista finally began to come into its own. I've been using the x64 flavor of Vista for a while now, and if there were problems to be had, I would have had them, and I have to admit I really haven't had any significant problems with it. I love the new features like the instant search, which I find myself using on a daily basis and the improved networking stack actually means I can utilize my dual gigabit ports to 100%. Frankly, I see Vista superior to XP in almost every way. People just don't like to change from what they're used to, and they've had a good 7 years to get used to XP. Vista was a rewrite of alot of legacy code that had been lingering around since the early years, and they finally went back and re-wrote it. Maybe Vista won't get the respect it deserves during its life cycle, but I hope people can wise up a little and actually try something before they bad mouth it.
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