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I see your point in waiting. Sometimes I get too rapped up in my eagerness to get something that I don't think. Thanks for the info you've been a great help. My main purpose for the computer is most likely going to be for independent projects I will do, next priority is school work and having the speed I need to get what I want done and fast* decently large scale programs, projects etc.* and moderate gaming. What I am really looking for is a speedy computer for its price. I'll wait till school time comes around to get it because it is true about the "back to school" sales being very cost effective but I don't know if Intel releasing the new processor will bring the other *lesser* processors lower in price by the time I need a laptop. Hopefully it will.

I know centrino 2 is a dual core and it's a bit faster, but what is speed of processors without the rest of the computer being good? So I will take your advice and put some time on making my decision and wait for the deals to start coming so I can save money then rather than wasting $200 extra now for what I can get in october.

Much appreciated Wicker *lol sounds wrong* EDIT - Much appreciated TheWickerMan~ I'll post some more around here if I need to and thanks your help.
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