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Default Strange problem with WinMgmt.exe under Win2K

A week ago I upgraded my hard drive from 120GB to 200GB. Using Paragon's Drive Backup, I backed up all my partitions and restored them to the new drive. I've used Drive Backup before and I know it's pretty reliable. My new drive has all the same partitions, identical in size and order. The extra space will be used for trying out Linux.

Currently, I can dual-boot between Windows XP and Windows 2000.... XP is working fine but there's a strange problem with Win2K that wasn't there before. Basically, when I first boot-up, a program called WinMgmt.exe hogs between 95% and 99% of the CPU cycles for three whole minutes - making it almost impossible to start any other application. After 3 minutes or so, it settles down and everything works okay.

I've googled this problem and I found that WinMgmt.exe might be infected with a virus. However, I scanned my drive using both Ad-Aware and AVG anti-virus, neither of which found anything. I also found a link which recommended that I run wmimgmt.msc and check that it's set to log errors only - and that it's not in verbose mode. I've done that but it hasn't made any difference.

Can anyone think of a reason why WinMgmt.exe has suddenly started behaving like this?
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