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Default HELP I just died my rig turned into explosion

Yea I is broke, i am so broke im shattered and fallen to the floor. i beg voidedwarranty for products to review, and i got a mouse pad. woot.

yea i am like really broke i have 2 dollars in my pocket and i bought rubber rounded cables that arent really cables. well they are but they have no use with a computer. there just like a beige barbie skin texture i put it in so i could pretend that i had a modded pc but you know people get desperate like me. like i also took a piece of window glass and tilted it on my right side of the computer where the parts are so that it would look like a window kit. then what i did also was i took a little desk fan and put it next to my computer like right at hte bottom where the tower is and i put it there so that it would act like a hsf because my cyrix 286 can get real hot you know espically since i overclocked it to 1.8 ghz. Oh and my video card is 256mb geforce 4 overclocked in bits because i have a sweet computer. oh and my motherboard is Zombat 202D AT mobo help help me me


dood your not getting a dell they keep telling me.

hey guys i also wanted to let you know that if anybody wants some hamburgers, i just slaughtered the gateway cow, and for you cannibals "dude" is dead so come get your servings.

Die Gateway/Dell

Dude your getting a dell!

I dont f****** care you can shove that dell up your a**!!!

Dude you dont want a dell?

(Gateway cow ....) Moo!!!! *tramples dell guy*

Electro*Cocks gun* BOOM


some cheesy dialogue but hey im desperate.. i cant even afford to download internet explorer 4 so i cant go on joke sites and steal jokes like everybody else did. so i tried to make my own stuff. ciao

lets think. CEO of AOL and CEO of microsoft in a head to head war like predator or something. AOL sucks and microsoft isint too far below. bill gates with his big muscles picks steve case up by his neck and strangles him to death. heh . yea . not in a million years.

oh and also guys. can someone tell me why my printer only prints in black. I specifically bought a black and white ink cartridge and it no print any white! all it prints is black its making me mad. I have a Typewriter that has a parallel port so i plug that into my system and i use that as my printer but im hoping to mod it so that the backspace key will work on the type writer.
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