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Default ATI Radeon 9900 Pro in mass production

Impressive move by ATI on how they get their GeforceFX killer out sooner with many new features over R300 although full spec's not confirmed yet. A little note for hyperthreading P4 system owners, a 350W power supply is recommanded. Can you say All-in-Wonder Radeon 9900 Pro 256mb? OooOoh!

"We expect the chip to launch at a core clock of 375MHz. It will incorporate DirectX 9.1 features, which is great if you're going to keep the card for at least two years, but don't expect to see any games written for it released for at least a year. ATI will brand the chip the Radeon 9900 Pro, and the card will be equipped with 128 MB memory while supporting 256MB configurations for its partners."

An ATi sales rep reported.
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