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Default ATI's 9900 + 9900 pro

ATI will release two Radeon 9900 branded graphics cards available later this year. These will be the Radeon 9900 and the Radeon 9900 Pro, as you might expect, and will probably use different R350 chips.

An ATI sales rep reported...

"ATI RADEON 9900 VPU will be manufactured using advanced 0.15 micron copper fabrication process that should allow the graphics chip to be clocked at 375MHz for core and memory... architecture in general should not be changed much from the RADEON 9700: the same 8 rendering pipes with 1 TMU per each. This one will be unveiled at CeBIT and will be available almost immediately after the trade-show head-shooting the arch-rival GeForce FX 5800 Ultra.

ATI RADEON 9900 PRO will be made using 0.13 micron technology and will be hugely more powerful than the brethren. It was said that the part will contain 8 rendering pipelines with 2 TMUs per each in addition to more efficient architecture of the VPU itself compared to the original RADEON 9700. The RADEON 9900 PRO may be announced at CeBIT, but do not anticipate ATI to start selling the babe just after the launch as it is not easy to develop a 0.13 micron graphics processor."
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