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Default ATI Radeon 9900 Pro in mass production

OK, guys your just making rumors..! BS, talk talk talk, hm..
to start:

the 5800 ULTRA BEAT the 9700 PRO by a very little
the 9800 PRO beat the 5800 ULTRA by a womping,
and the 9800 PRO even beat the 5900 ULTRA that just came out....!

No matter what core clock Nvidia makes, even if its faster than ATI's. ATI beleaves in true power and Nvidia beleaves in detail "as you should know".

Now if you guys stop making up half this SHITE and go read the Reviews and e-mail the Support at there websites just maybe you guys will learn something, more than RUMORS..!

And to get in strait, the 9900 Pro name WAS change to the 9800 Pro even told by the tech Support at because of not much coreclock and memory speed improvements...

Now if your a hardcore Overclocker and want to make your Radeon 9800 Pro or even the 9000, 9200, 9500, 9600, and 9700 "pro's and non Pro's plz download Rage3D OC software.

you guys will thank me later, lol, now make your 9800 pro's into your so called 9900 pro's BABY...

Everich, BLOODFIN server (Starwars Galaxies) ill duel your ass and win >
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