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Default PS3 to replace the Computer?

Apparently a Sony VP believes that the PS3 will replace the need for a pc. Perhaps that is why they are going to charge 1 million dollars per unit.

The problems consoles have compared to pcs are they are fixed and non-upgradable. On top of that they do not come with any good interface that facilitates interaction like a pc. (IE they do not have a keyboard). I really thought all the next generation consoles would have native keyboard modes. That they don't is a huge drawback in their ability to replace the pc.

Without the standard input mode built-in, it becomes an unsupported kludge and hack that varies from one machine to the next. I played a MMORPG on my PS2, and have both a USB keyboard and a controller keyboard. Let me jjust say neither is pretty, nor intuitive.

I would love to do more computing on a console in front of the tv, but without core keyboard and mouse support it will never happen. You can't just leave it up to each program to set up support for keyboards and mice.

So you guys are going to have to wait at least another generation for the replacement of the pc by the console, because no keyboard, no go.
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