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Old 02-04-2009, 08:06 PM
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Default FanMail Question

We get lots of mail at TechwareLabs, most of it is spam. every now and then a nugget of real qualified mail squeezes through the gaps. See if anyone out there can assist this fan across the globe with his problem:

Hello Jason,

I read your review and efforts to give information about the Aerocool
Gatewatch 2 lately.
After I have purchased it, unfortunately ... Now I think I 'might' have a
problem, which I would love to solve, with your advice (if possible).
As you know, the gatewatch has 4 channels to plug in fans. Though ... I have
"more" fans to connect to it.
For the cpu I am using two 120 mm fans which both deliver a RPM of 2000.
I would like them both to be connected to the same CPU fan channel of the
Gatewatch 2
Also it would be good to know .... (as you stated in your review) actual
vary fan speed 700 - 1000 RPM (is this the maximum I can get out of "any"
fan ? or should I "presume " (in my case 1000 RPM read on the LCD screen ,
in fact "could-would" mean 2000 RPM on my fans ?
I think you need some extra info to give a serious answer ...
Here are the fans I use
CoolerMaster R4-L2R-20AC-GP
technical :
- 120 mm fan
- speed 2000 RPM
- Volts : 12 VDC
- INPUT (Watt) 4.2 W +/- 10 %
- Current (Ampère) 0.35 A +/- 10%
I also read on the manual of the Gatewatch, each channel is designed to take
0.5 A
So I guess I have a problem about the Ampères when I will put both fans onto
one channel right ?
I have eaten nothing about "electronics". (unfortunately), the reason for my
quest. Though I know how to solder, open and put all back together :-), So I
guess, this puts me, (more or less) in a situation you were in some (a long)
time ago. I sure would love to know more about it, but I am colourblind on 3
colors (brown, green and red). So I had to study something else, or I would
fry a lot of people's their blenders.
Can you tell me, what component I should replace within the Gatewatch (to a
stronger one), so I can trigger both fans on ONE channel.
Eventually, must I change something else ? Or look into something else ?
I will be more then pleased with any answer you provide me. To put me in the
correct direction.
Thanks for your time and efforts. Keep up the good work on techwarelabs,
your reviews are always "to the point" ;-)
Kindly yours,
a "fan" from Belgium
John Stylemans
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