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Default News is Back!

First, take a look at some hardware reviews that are worth checking out.

A decidedly non-tech review, this device certainly looks worth checking out. It may come in use when writing those papers that need 50+ references or when working in a new environment and having the manual nearby is helpful. The BookGem may be what you're looking for. If you're more familiar with the material you're reading, TheCite may be the better, high tech solution.

Of course, if you want to use such a device, you'll need the desktop space for both your monitor and your book(s). Check to see if LCD's are up to snuff yet. ModtheBox has a review of Samsung's SyncMaster 171N TFT-LCD Monitor.

Since an LCD monitor will make your computer more portable, you should be going to more LAN parties, but don't go with underperforming hardware. Check out the DFI LANParty PRO875 review at OCAddiction.

Now for some general tech news:
Is national security worth killing off even more whales, which have been tottering on the edge of extinction at human hands for decades now. Check out the story at Wired.

Are you running a webpage server? If so, now might be a great time to apply those security patches. Sunday has been declared by some to be a day of Web site defacement. Check out for more.

Apparently Microsoft has not been changing its behavior considerably. The DoJ is claiming MS has not properly altered its licensing to come into compliance with the settlement agreement. Read more at and/or the Washington Post.

Dell has apparently changed its policy on the use of prison labor. The Inquirer has more and another link. Maybe their use of Macs gave them a more humanitarian outlook?

Speaking of Mac, is the G5 a G4 replacement or an entry into the high-end workstation market. The Inquirer has a short piece on that question. Though, with Athlon 64 and the G5 together, maybe the PC is becoming a workstation while high-end laptops become the traditional PC. It's worth a thought or two.

A new XBox vulnerability has been found. Now you can run Linux on XBox without a mod. Check out the vulnerability for yourself: Security Paper. "Q4: Is it possible to play "backed-up" games with this? A4: Yes it is possible to play pirated games by using this vulnerability but my proof of concept code will not allow this. You have to change the exploit to patch the kernel in memory. This is not very hard and I am not going to help you with this." Just in case you were wondering.
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