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Default The evening news - Tuesday

Mod The Box has a review of a Computuning H20+ Waterblock Kit: "The waterblock is comprised of two separate pieces; a top and bottom portion which are secured by 4 screws. Two valves (inlet and outlet) exist on the top portion of the copper plate and utilize the one touch fitting system. The exit valve has been positioned further back and the entry valve sits directly over the CPU core. The formation of the walls in this waterblock design use a swirl pattern to efficiently distribute water above the core of the CPU. All heat drawn from the CPU is funneled to an exit point allowing you to effectively cool at lower temperatures."

Guru3d has a little roundup of the nVidia detonator drivers to let people like you know which drivers will work the best.

OCAddiction reviews the AMS gTower Aluminum Case: "The next thing that truly impressed me was the weight of this case. It is by FAR the very lightest case I have EVER worked with. I could almost pick it up with one finger it's so light, and after lugging around steel cases for the past few years, this is certainly a welcome nicety."

Overclockers New Zealand post a guide to DDR400: "Back in the early days of PC-2700, we had Samsung CTL-CB3, which was an incredible overclocker. It was used on practically all of the high-end modules. In the PC-3200 age, the WinBond BH-5 chip seems to be the next CTL-CB3. (Corsair are using this chip, hand picked, for their XMS-3200 module) From the pictures above, we can see that A-Data also uses the WinBond HB-5 chips on their PC-3200 range. From the datasheet, the HB-5 is rated at DDR-400 with a voltage of 2.6V. This is a good sign, as some DDR-400 modules require 2.8V to operate. We shell see how it performs in the following tests."

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Old 10-08-2002, 05:58 PM
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i like the detonator round up
except it doesnt show which ones have major bugs
for eg, the 30...
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