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Default The Week's Industry News

Reviews to come soon.

For a wrap-up of this week's security issues:
You may be, though it's unlikely, serving porn for spammers. More details can be found at or The Register. Here is the report on Bugtraq.

A detailed analysis of the X-Box 007 hack has been released by the Xbox Linux Project on Sourceforge. The original author used several advanced techniques to disguise exactly how the hack worked, but it seems that it has been fully reverse engineered now. An interesting read indeed.

The PS2 is not invulnerable though. Someone has figured out how to hack the web browser to go to non-Sony web pages on the PS2. The Register has an article.

Microsoft admits that flaws are still in, well, all of Windows. The Inquirer has a quick run over with links to the specific MS articles. Oh, there are more security vulnerabilities in IE as well. And people wonder why I use Mozilla.

New Technology:

Rambus, attempting to make a comeback, along with Toshiba and Elpida, announced the introduction of the "world's fastest memory," once code-named Yellowstone, it now goes by XDR DRAM. It claims to reach speed up to 6.4GHz and density up to 8GB. The Register has a good summation.

But, isn't that what memory manufacturers said about dual channel DDR? Well, it appears that single channel ddr400 can outpace dual channel, at least in some situations. The Inquirer has more.

SIS has plans to bring PCI Express into their Athlon 64 Chipsets. Read the article.

Sick of RIAA threats? Here's a scheme, not too sure how viable or effective it would be though, to make you happy. Check it out
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