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Old 07-22-2001, 10:52 PM
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Default offline browsing problem

a user had such a problem:


Iím writing you because Iím having some trouble with the Internet
connection (Iím using a dial-up connection). I canít browse off-line,
because the pages (all of them) I visit arenít saved to the hard disk. I
canít even save the pages with the command file/save as, unless I save them
as text only. There is no error message, but if I try to save the html
pages, only a blank page is saved to disk. If I go to file/properties,
type, size, and date are ďnot availableĒ (but always without any error
messages). The addresses are kept in ďhistoryĒ, but theyíre in light
gray, unavailable for off-line browsing. I can see a page off-line, only
if a window with that page is already open when I get disconnected.
However, if I close the window, (or open a file stored on disk in the same
browser window), I canít open it again.
The situation doesnít change if I add a page to favorites, not even if
I enable the option ďmake available off-lineĒ. In this case, the
browser begins to synchronize the page and, as it ends, displays a message
indicating a successful synchronization. However, the page isnít save to
disk (despite of the browserís message), and therefore itís not
available for off-line browsing.
There arenít any other problems in the system. The hard disk works
properly. I can copy, move, delete or edit files. I can copy files of any
kind from a diskette or CD to the hard disk. However, I canít save web
Iíve had this problem for about one month now. Before that, everything
worked fine. I still can browse off-line and see the old pages (visited
more than one month ago), which are kept in the disk. The size limit of
the temporal files folder is 620 MB, 235 are used.
At first, I thought it was a software problem, but now Iím not sure. I
ran several tests, using many diagnosis utilities, but all seems to be
ok. I also scanned the disk for viruses (using an updated antivirus),
but I didnít find any virus.
I reinstalled the browser (Internet Explorer 5.5), but that didnít fix
the problem, either. Then I installed Netscape 6.01, but it has the
same problem as the IE.
I started Windows without any resident programs, and even without
processing autoexec.bat, config.sys, win.ini and system.ini, but there was
no change at all.
I also try to solve it by changing the browsing security to ďlowĒ in
all zones SPAMthere wasnít any change, either.
There is a similar problem with html e-mails. I can read them while Iím
on-line, but if I download them and then hang up the modem, most of the
content gets lost. I can see only text, unless the e-mail is already
open when I get off-line. In that case, again, once I close it, the
content gets lost and if I reopen it, I can see only text.
The pc is a clone, equipped with an Intel Pentium III 650 MHz
processor, 512 MB ram memory, 20 GB disk (15 GB free), and a Motorola SM56 PCI
modem. The operating system is Windows 98 SE 4.10.2222 A.
Iím using the same Internet configuration I was using before, and I get
connected through three different ISP. I have the same problem in all
of them. I donít think it can be a problem with the telephone line, but
I donít know where else to look. Any information you can give me will
be helpful.

any idea what the problem might be?
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Old 07-24-2001, 07:56 PM
Grinnin Reaper
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Default Re: offline browsing problem

Sorry I don't have a true knowledge of what you're doing. SPAMI personally don't surf that way and haven't learned to do it myself. SPAMBut some general troubleshooting my help. SPAMHave you installed any new web applications, software patches, or Windows updates. SPAMAny of these may have caused any unknown setting to have been altered causing this problem. SPAMReInstalling Explorer was definatly a good step but with the level of intergration on Microshaft products it won't allways SPAMreset all of the settings. SPAMIt would seem that some HTML setting in your browser has been disabled for off-line use but that's me just talking our a not so nice orrifice. SPAMI know that there's a way to disable pic's for online veiwing but I don't know if offline veiwing has the same options or even if this may lead you down the right path. SPAMJust some food for thought and hope it helps. SPAMLast thought go to the Tools Menu. SPAMGo to Internet options and select the Advanced tab. SPAMYou may want to write down the settings if you can't print them and haven't messed with this before. SPAMThen when your sure you can restore them to the current setting select the Restore Default and that should take care of it. SPAMGood Luck
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Old 08-14-2001, 08:23 PM
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Default Re: offline browsing problem

Try a different offline web browser, some web pages are not open to offline browsing with particular browsers:

See these for some general information:

Try Microsoft's Knowledge base for IE-specific information:

While you're there, take a peek at this page:
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