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Old 08-27-2001, 02:19 PM
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Default Windows Tip: Modify Your Windows Nag Screen

We are all sick of being told we can't handle the contents of our own computers. I'm talking about that nagging screen that says, "Modifying the contents of this folder will result in instant and horrifying damage to your computer."

Each folder you modify in a special way will include a hidden Folder.htt, a file that stores the attribute data for that specific folder. The Folder.htt in the C:\Windows directory is special. It includes instructions for that darn nag screen. Yes, you could turn it off by turning off "View as Web Page." Or you could just delete it and rid your life of the nagging altogether.

But we all like to have a little fun and I want to show you how to modify that folder so the nag screen says something personal and touching (such as "Marry me" or "You are beautiful and talented"), or perhaps something offensive and incendiary (such as "#*$*& !*" or "You smell"). The choice is yours. All I'm doing is giving you the information. Do with it what you will.

Modify the Folder.htt file

Open My Computer.

Right-click inside the folder and make sure View > As Web Page is checked. Now open the C:\Windows directory and bask your eyes for the last time on the unadulterated nag screen. Look for the Folder.htt icon. Don't see it? Trust me, it's there. You may need to go here to learn how to show hidden files.

Click on Folder.htt. If it asks you what program to open it in, select Notepad. You'll see lots of text in there. "But I am a novice!" you scream. Don't worry. I'm here for you. If you're worried, make a copy of Folder.htt in the same directory, and rename it Folder.bak. Now you have a backup just in case you delete everything, or in case your mom insists you put it back the way it was.

Scroll down your document and find the code below. You won't have to scroll down very far -- it will be right at the beginning of the file.

<script language="JavaScript">>
var L_Intro_Text = "< b><font color=red> Warning< /font> < /b>< br>< br> Modifying the contents of this folder may cause your programs to stop working correctly.";

var L_Prompt_Text = "Select an item to view its description.";

var L_Prompt1_Text = "To view the contents of this folder, click <a href=''class=command onclick='ShowFiles(); ShowWinStat(winStat); return false;' onMouseOver='ShowWinStat(!winStat); return true;' onMouseOut='ShowWinStat(winStat); return true;' onFocus='ShowWinStat(!winStat); return true;' onBlur='ShowWinStat(winStat); return true;'> Show Files< /a> ";

Recognize the offending text in there? Let's get rid of it! On the show, I made mine look like this:

<script language="JavaScript">
var L_Intro_Text = " <font color=red>Talley Ho!</font>

Help I am trapped inside this computer";

var L_Prompt_Text = "He wants to help you with your computer problems.";

var L_Prompt1_Text = "To get him out of here, click Free Pirillo";

Cut out the old and paste in the new. Save it, and then go into your C:\Windows folder. See what happens?

Now don't feel limited by my cheesy sense of humor. This is just an example. You need to go and be free with your words.

Change the picture in the nag screen

Now let's change the picture in the bottom right corner. You know, the one of the gears and the Microsoft logo. The original picture is in the C:\Windows\Web directory, and it's called wvlogo.gif. Make a copy of this file for backup and open the original in any image editor. It's a GIF like any other, and you can replace it with any pic of your own, as long as it is 314 pixels wide by 331 pixels high.

There ya go!
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Old 08-30-2001, 03:21 PM
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Default Re: Windows Tip: Modify Your Windows Nag Screen

Thanks for the great tip! I can have fun with this one.
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