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Old 02-11-2005, 05:14 PM
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Originally Posted by F1a5hP01ntX
ok... after working fairly hard sitting on my butt and sleeping some of the time to download and burn debian, i am disappointed to find that it is a command prompt linux distro (ewwwww). command prompt operating systems only keeps my ADD under control for like 5-10 minutes unless i know what i am doing.... and i didn't. so, i guess i will try suse again and possibly see if i can find another linux distro that is graphical that has the stuff i need to run good server. does anybody know if somebody has released a linux distro for a server with the tools and it is graphical?
um dude, you can install Xwindows and Gnome or KDE on debian too. don't ask me how, i just run mine command line, but i omega, vee_ess, and merclord (who i havent seen in a while) know a good bit more than i do about linux.


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Old 02-11-2005, 07:40 PM
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i know i could, but i am way too lazy to do that
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Old 02-11-2005, 08:30 PM
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lazy + linux don't mix well..
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Old 03-29-2006, 04:09 PM
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Default Roaming profiles, and other things...

Originally Posted by F1a5hP01ntX
... I would also like to try doing roaming profiles, but as far as I know, Linux doesn'thave support for hosting Windows XP roaming profiles and Windows Xp Home (which is what I am running) doesn't have support for them either (unless there is a workaround).
Nothing is really 'supported' on linux . Though some distro's (Like Mandrake -now Mandriva) do have nice installers and configuration tools. Be aware that if you choose for Mandriva, you should have the Mandriva Corporate Server edition, wich you can only download if you're a corporate member (read: $). But wether or not you go with a payed distro, when you want tot finetune your linux system, you will meet mister command line... evantually.

A very good distro for expirimenting with linux is Freesco. You can run it from a floppy on a 486, but you can also install it on a FAT16/32 or -preferably- an EXT2 filesystem. There are also various packages you can install with Freesco, like samba.
Samba comes with almost all distro's by the way.

A nice howto for configuring samba as an Primary Domain Controller (including profiles, network shares, user accounts and machine accounts):
Samba PDC mini-HOWTO.

Personally, for a good, secure and flexible server system, I would go for debian. For a server install guide, take a look at The perfect Debian setup.
First I was scared of the commandline to, but I have to admit: when you learn to know it, you will never want to live without it anymore.

I run a debian (sarge) system now, configured with shorewall firewall, apache2, php, mysql, courier IMAP server, samba as a PDC with network shares for my XP clients, and a NSF server for my Linux clients.

Well, looking at the date of the post, I guess I'm a little late with this reply, but anyhow, I hope this was any useful to you (or anybody else reading this). If you have any questions, don't hestitate to mail me (see my MSN details for my e-mail address).


About the workaround: there is also a hack that will let you install MICRO$~1 Windows XP Professional with an XP Home install CD, but... wel... yeah... :/ : HOWTO Change Windows XP Home to Windows XP Pro
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