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Enermax Phoenix Neo Aluminum ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

The Box!

The box contains basic information about the case such as the technical specs and an internal look via a cut away picture on the back of the box. Overall the most noticeable thing about this box is the small set of check boxes on the side signifying that the case comes it two different colors red or blue as well as occasionally packaged with a power supply. Unfortunately as this model did not come with a power supply, so unfortunately I will not be touching on that in this review.

image051 image052 image053

A Closer Look:

As you can see in the pictures below there is quite a bit of room available in this tower easily enough for even the biggest graphics cards. Also near the bottom of the case is rear tubing exit holes large enough for a good sized liquid cooling set up to easily pump in and out of your case. The default configuration for the large monster fan is to suck in air and to not display the blue ( or red ) light, you can easily choose to have this large 250mm fan push air out of your case creating a negative pressure in your case. If that’s something you’re interested in.

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