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Hi there! Thanks for the response, some great info there.

Iím going to let myself down here with a dumb question, but what are solid state drives? Like I say Iíve been away from the scene for some time so I either missed it the first time around or itís a relatively new thing?

I did some digging and found the OCZ vortex 2, which was reviewed along with the agility, link below, is that correct?

If I use the SSD for booting, Iím assuming I would have to port windows over to this drive? Is that easily done?

The coolermaster case is a mid tower, not full, so assuming I go for another GTX what cooling do you suggest I get? I heard of some back plates that separate the heat from the graphics card from the processor, I also guess sticking some fans on the GTXís in SLI wouldnít work due to the size?

Is the E6600 still ok? I lost touch when all the quad cores started coming out, now I see triple cores etc etc, am I sat on a naff processor here or does it still do ok in todayís world? Would the RAM upgrade be any good for gaming? Even if it was just swapping the 400ís for 800ís??

If the SSD is £90 that leaves £140 left over, so I could do the additional GTX, some sort of cooling and a better Ram in the price range but not if you donít think it is worth it?

Cheers for the help so far, fantastic tapping into all this knowledge, really appreciate it.

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