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Default :)

Hi Chris,

Thanks again for the reply!

I will definately be purchasin the SSD off the back of that and will see if I get the free software to work for me when porting, if not then I dont mind coughing up if the benefits are that compelling!

Based on your comments, i have had a look at some better RAM, I have bought the following:

Do you think 4gb would be enough? I got the 2gb slots so I have 2 spare, would I be better flogging the 4x1gb sticks of 400hz or keeping 2 of them and using the other slots, or would that bring the speed of the reapers down?

Was thinking about your comments with the GTX's, you have definately put me off sticking 2 in and hoping for the best! After a quick scour around I found the below, if I stuck one of them on each do you think that would be enought to keep it cool?

By the way, silly question here again, but what would happen if it overheats, what exactly is going to fry and die and what is resurrectable as such?

Cheers very much for the SSD explanation! Sounds very impressive, a quicker windows load time would be a huge bonus!

Cheers Chris,

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