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Sorry for not replying sooner, been busy with holidays and hangovers. The usual for a hardware reviewer.

As far as overheating goes. It's kind of a shot in the dark. Some components fail more gracefully than others. Overheating failures can vary from doing an emergency shutdown and being generally ok, to just outright frying. Other components will run fine for a while at above average temperatures, but will have a shortened lifespan. It's really hard to determine what any one piece of hardware will do in that situation.

The cooler that you were looking at is for a watercooling system. It would be useless unless you already have an existing watercooling system that you can splice it into.

The RAM that you bought is considered enthusiast RAM. If it's like the Reaper RAM that I just recently reviewed it doesn't have an XMP (it basically tells the BIOS to run at the higher performing settings). You will need to manually set the timings for the RAM. Depending on the BIOS on your mobo this can either be pretty easy, or a huge pain in the ass. If you are going from the Geil to to Reaper RAM that you had in the links, they are the same speed RAM (both are DDR2 800MHz), which may be another reason why you're not seeing improvements (it's not actually a significant upgrade going from one DDR2 800 set to another DDR2 800 set). You may have wasted your money if those are the exact ones that you had.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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