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GlacialTech Igloo Alaska Cooler


Front of the box
Back of the box

The design of the box wasn’t terribly impressive. Simple and plain would be the best words to describe it. I’m glad they included the specifications on the sides but unfortunately they omitted the power. This can be useful when checking to see if your motherboard can provide enough power to the fan. Fortunately it was included on the official page. The power consumption is 4.32 Watts at max operation. Which is small enough to be supplied by most motherboard fan headers.

This fan allows for power management if your motherboard supports it. With this technology the fan will speed up or slow down depending on the load on the processor/CPU temperature.

Top of the box
Package contents

The inside of the box was packed tightly but again, was not impressive as far as quality. It’s surrounded by carton. The packaging works, and will be safe to travel but was not the safest packaging I’ve seen.

Inside the box you will find a manual that is not well written, fan, and the needed tools. GlacialTech was kind enough to include a putty-knife-like tool to help you spread the thermal paste. No more dirty business credit cards!

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