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IP70 IP Camera

The camera arrived in an orange and white box just large enough to contain the IP70 camera, AC power adapter, network cable, software CD, start up guide, and 3 screws with wall plugs. The camera itself was wrapped in medium thickness bubble wrap to protect the device in transit.  Sadly many items contained in a box this size are easily damaged or destroyed in the shipping process, luckily Compro choose to protect the device sufficiently. Everything needed to setup & install the device quickly and easily was included right in the box. Some other similar devices do not include a paper start guide, screws & wall plugs, or a software CD. Other manufacturers require you to go online and download the install software, viewer client, and/or manual.

Box shot Box Shot 2 Box Shot 3
Open Box 1 IP70 Cam Layout

I would recommend attaching the base to your final mounting location as the overall unit is rather lightweight and the power/internet cable may inadvertently pull and move the camera if simply left sitting on the stand.  The stand is a T shape metal piece with a plastic snap on cover, again  in black plastic but is a glossy finish compare to the flat matte finish on the main camera body. Once the plastic cover is removed, the stand has 3 pre-drilled mounting holes to aid in wall or ceiling mounting the camera.  After you screw the base in place simply replace the snap on black cover leaving you with a clean professional looking installation.

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  1. June 2010 – I have just purchased the Compro IP70 ip camera, but unable to get detection modes working via the software. Smart Motion Detection will not trigger or send email alerts. The only detection shown in the event log is the camera anti tamper trigger event. Can anyone please help?

  2. Want to buy ip70 compro surveilance camera in Pune india. Please give details of supplier

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