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K40 Electronics RD950 Radar Detector

A Closer Look

The RD950 comes packaged in a presentation style box with the detector unit displayed in the center once you open the main flap.  Under the flap on either side of the main detector unit are the 2 different style power supply cables, mounting bracket with 3 suction cups, spare fuse, and instruction manual. The retail box contains all the accessories you need to setup and start utilizing your radar/laser detector.

RD950 Radar Detector TechwareLabs 10

The RD950 features 5 buttons including a power/volume wheel on the left side of the unit, and 4 function buttons above the vivid red matrix display.  The display has adjustable dimming options for day, night, and auto modes.  Each of the 4 top buttons enable access to the customization options of the radar/laser detector.  With a tap of the menu button you may scroll through and toggle options including bands, POP, start-up, voice and tone alert settings.

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Road Testing

Following the included instructions I attached the 3 suction cups to the mount and attached to my windshield.  The RD950 unit then slides on snug to the windshield mount.  I connected the included spiral cord 12V auto power adapter and turned the dial and the red displayed flashed to life. For the initial week I left the filter mode set to the default highway option. During various trips around the cities of Orlando and surrounding areas the RD950 occasionally alerted the presence of K-band.  In these instances the alerts were generated by the existence of electronic door openers of nearby supermarkets. In recent years automatic door openers have switched to using more effective radar technology for door sensors and as such causes radar detectors to alert.  Unfortunately this is common for radar detectors as the units are designed to detect the invisible rays and cannot discern between an automatic door opener and your friendly state trooper. Overall the RD950 did help on at least one trip to and from work.  During my evening communicate the radar detector successfully alerted me to the state trooper tracking vehicles on the roadway ahead. The clear audible tones with increasing speed and visual prompt from the clear display made it easy for me to interpret the situation ahead. The RD950 performed its duty admirably!

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Check out additional product images below and then join us as we check out the features and specifications of the RD950 detector.

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