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Kanex GoPower Plus Premium Portable Power

Power For Your Devices

Both Android and iPhone? Yes you heard us right, the Kanex GoPower Plus has both bases covered and still doesn’t require you to lug along your cables.  The Kanex GoPower Plus includes a built in cable with a micro USB adapter for Android users and an additional lightning adapter slid into the top for the iPhone users.

The adapter is held securely in place and is easy to remove when needed. 

From a functionality standpoint you may have noticed the four dots on the cover. These represent the charge status of the internal 8000mAh battery from 0 to 100%. The GoPower Plus also includes an additional USB-A female port so you can charge up to two devices at the same time. Both the built in Micro USB and the additional USB-A port are rated at up to 2A so normal charging is possible. 

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