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Kanex GoPower Plus Premium Portable Power

Kanex GoPower Plus Conclusion

We have saved the best for last but those with keen eyes will have noticed that the GoPower Plus has ditched the brick. Its outside is a sleek annodized aluminum and is available in a Space Grey or Gold finish. Its beveled edges and smooth finish mean it slips into a pocket or under your device without sticking out like a sore thumb. Additionally its form factor looks just like a phone and this means it will charge your device while mating to the back of your device and still allow you the freedom to hold and use your phone normally. 


We have used the Kanex GoPower Plus for two months now and had the opportunity to charge multiple devices a few dozen times. The GoPower plus was always slipped into a back pocket along with keys or loose change and after all that time the pictures on the previous pages were taken. As you can see the GoPower plus has barely suffered a scratch and looks just as good as the day we first popped the package to begin testing it. For those concerned about keeping up appearances though Kanex does include a nice felt pouch for the Kanex. 

We highly suggest the Kanex GoPower Plus, it has earned a place in our pocket and deserves a place in yours as well. Working equally well for both Android and iPhone users alike while looking great and detaching you from your cables is a winning combo. We can’t wait to see what Kanex does next. 

We happily award the Kanex our Gold Product Award for a device that delivers function, value, and performance while looking good doing so.

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