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Lian Li PC-90 PC Case/Chassis Review



Model  PC-90
Case Type Full Tower Chassis
Dimensions  (W) 230mm x (H) 505mm x (D) 489mm
Front bezel Material Aluminum
Color Black / Silver
Side Panel Aluminum
Body Material Aluminum
Net Weight 6.7 KG
5.25″ drive bay (External) 2
3.5″ drive bay (External) None
HDD bay 3.5” HDD x 6/ 2.5” HDD x 6
Expansion Slot  10
Motherboard HPTX / EATX / XL-ATX / ATX / Micro-ATX / Mini-ITX
System Fan (Front) 140mm fan x2
System Fan (Top)  None
System Fan (Rear)  120mm fan x1
I/O Ports USB 3.0 x 2 / e-SATA x 1 / HD Audio
Maximum Compatibility VGA Card length: 400mm
PSU length: 300mm
CPU cooler height: 170mm
Package Dimensions (W) mm x (H) mm x (D) mm
Gross Weight KG

Closer Look:

So let us take a close look at what the PC-90 from Lian Li is. From the exterior the PC-90 looks like any other full tower case on the market today. The case that was sent to us is the high gloss black which there is only two colors to choose from, the other being silver. Sign us up for a red one, if they ever release one (hint).



 The front of the PC-90 is the signature clean look that we have grown accustomed to.   The front of the case is a very clean look with two USB 3.0, audio ports for MIC, headphones and eSATA port.

The front of the PC-90 is not much different than any other Lian Li case at first glance. The case is a little wider than a standard case which is due to the hard drive layout being different than any other case on the market today.




 The right side of the case is smooth and does not have air venting access. This leaves a very clean look.  With the right panel removed, you can see the back side of the plate where the motherboard gets mounted to. The access holes are plenty big to get to the back of the CPU to mount a heat sink easily.

The right side of the PC-90 doesn’t have any fancy air vents on the panel, just a simple clean look. Once the panel is removed the panel to which the motherboard is attached is exposed. The panel has access holes for the back of the CPU for ease of installation of the CPU’s heat sink and another access hole for routing cables as needed.

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