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Monster 24K Bluetooth Superstar Backfloat


Sound Quality

So here’s the verdict, is it worth it? Does the sound compare with its physical appearance? Whats with judging the book by its cover anyway? Well its probably cause the book cover seems more appealing than the actual story itself.

The sound quality is good, not great, not fantastic, but good nonetheless. Its great compared to the size of the speakers themselves and their natural physical limitations, but as compared to an overall examining of sound devices in all markets, I would give it a 3 out of 10. As for Bluetooth speakers in general I’ll go with a 7.5 out of 10.

For my tests I use a few key tracks that hit certain frequencies often and test that sound quality provided by this speaker in comparison to other audio devices of high quality I own, as well as past experience working in retail Home Theater.

First of all, bass of course. Almost seems absent with this speaker, with no fault to the speaker of course, as bass requires a large radius of motion in order to properly be played. However the speaker does compensate with some higher frequencies acting as bass-like sounds. This however is a plus as much as it is a minus, it’s not real bass, and in extreme volumes the frequencies will block each other and cause some disturbing sounds totally changing what you have normally hear of your favorite dubstep song, not for the good.

The higher frequencies were very nice, playing some cello and classical piano music was a treat and really where this speaker shines. This however is not uncommon with speakers of this size, it is easier to reproduced high frequencies with small speakers (tweeters) than it is to produce low frequencies as discussed earlier. As with high volumes here the sound is great, there is no disturbance in the frequencies and even the plucking of the strings can be heard recreating some really nice effects from organic instruments.

IMG_8050The volume buttons are pressure areas on the top of the silicon case providing the water proof system of this speaker, and albeit it looks slick and elegant, pairing is as simple as holding down the Bluetooth button and selecting the device from your personal device.

Seems like battery indication is not available on this device as the the two lights represented on the top is a blue light for the Bluetooth indicator and a red light for power and control response blinking. This to me is a bummer.

So what do you think…?

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