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Monster Fatal1ty FxM 200

Photos and Aesthetics


Fatal1ty surprised me with the light frame and soft ear cushions made of a soft vinyl/faux based ear cups.  Not a huge fan of this material since over time it chips apart unless always kept up with moisturizers and whatnot. But that is the majority of the market and not many have gone that route, not even the V-Moda’s as they are now falling apart on that basis since they are over 4 years old, but knowing about the simplicity of speakers they can easily last long as far as usage and with that satisfying quality I am not disappointed. We shall see how long these Fatal1ties last.Monster Fatal1ty FXM200 Headset Sound Chamber

One of the reasons I was able to milk the life out the Crossfades was due to their auxiliary plug built into the headset enabling me to replace the cable as I see fit. The Fatal1ty, however easy it is to solder an aux port onto a circuit (I replaced a USB on my old IBM ThinkPad “netbook” prequel with the 4:3 block screen. Oh yeah, I take pride, I took that USB hub, unsoldered one of the ports and replaced my broken pin USB 1.0 port with a 2.0 each pin aligned perfectly… and then I scorched the edge of the motherboard but it stilled worked like a charm! Sorry for the tangent > Back to Fatal1ties lack of soldered aux jack. However easy it is to solder a standard port onto a device, especially a less than 5 pin connection, the Fatal1ty still had a hanging single lifetime cable. This makes me very paranoid of how I use my dispensable device. On the cable lies a mid-connected audio control and mic source, that loosely hang from the cables connection I mean literally loose, slightly wiggles around a bit but I can see age take a quick hold on this cable. Though, on the plus note, the cable is flat and ‘tangle-free’.

I was intrigued by the lavender color choice for the ear cups, very stylish especially when you noticed you had the same color shirt and shoes in your wardrobe, that was a good day baby yeah. The frame is of a hybrid plastic aluminum mix for the lightweight feel, and the back plates are of a polished aluminum metallic hybrid that does stand out pretty snazzy. Overall I did like the way these looked, not loved, but liked. I still can’t get over the quality of those Crossfades, even though they cost me about 250 the lifetime on those is 100% worth it. But for the Fatal1ty FXM200 and the 100 dollar cost point I am definitely satisfied with the results, I can understand a few shortcuts here and there for the price.

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