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Monster Fatal1ty FxM 200

Fatal1ty Monster FXM200brand

Monster Fatal1ty Johnathan Wendel FXM200Monster is known for its diverse interaction with many popular cultures such as the Beats line-up with the Dr and the hip/hop rap community and lately, it’s been edging its way into the digital gaming culture.  Fatal1ty himself is a popular and very talented gamer who holds 12 World Championship E-Sport titles, Johnathan Wendel is the target subject of the design the FXM200 aims at portraying onto the gamer world.

Before we begin with my experience with these headphones let me explain my history with Monster. Working at two major retailers that sold these sets I recall the beginning of the Beats by Dre line, headset snapping in half and all its glory. But my biggest fuss wasn’t really so much the flaw in the design of the beginning production of that headset, it’s that they attempted at appealing to a certain market especially with the functionality of the headset. I am not a fan of those batteries, no not because I have to buy them, I keep a plethora of rechargeable ones anyway.  It’s because the functionality of these batteries was to morph the natural sound that I was hearing. The hip-hop world is known for its deep bass and ecstatic snares, but these headsets really tried to emphasize this style of music which destroyed any other forms.

Now, back to the Fatal1ty, I do get a bit nitpicky about sound especially recently getting into music theory and playing with digital tools to manipulate sound from basic waveforms. So when this Fatal1ty headset surprised me by letting me hear a new sound from a song I’ve had on repeat for the last week I was slightly shocked, as this headset is consumer friendly at around one hundred dollars depending on your shopping cart of choice. About 45 degrees from my right ear to the back I heard a new saw wave that i couldn’t from any typical headset. I double checked with my V-Moda Crossfades which I’ve owned since the retail store Beats days. With my experience I’ve trusted this headset through thick and thin, 5 years together I vouch for their quality. The comparison is not bad, the bass was satisfying on the Fatal1ty as well as the higher pitched sounds though it seemed to have a wider range of the higher pitches than the lower as distortion does happen at full volume, but that’s unhealthy, right?

So lets take a closer look on the quality of the set and dive into more sound and feature details of the the Fatal1ty brand.

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