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Netis WF2681 Gaming Beacon

Product Quality

IMG_7997Alright, so this router is listed for 81.99 and runs online for around 71 bucks. That essentially gives off the next part of the review, its alright.

Don’t get me wrong the bright green is vivid and gorgeous but the router itself is just a giant (thin) plastic casing, it feels cheap. To top it off the router doesn’t have any clever mechanics to stand on its own, its got a slide and lock (yet another) plastic that i’m always paranoid of its safety in high spaces. ¬†Luckily the router doesn’t look so bad on its side, its actually quite modest.


Apart from that there isn’t much to say about the look appeal of this device when there’s a market full of futuristic looking designs, but this is a router right? Not a big deal when this guy normally just chills on a shelf somewhere or hidden from view in general as normal router setups go. I would mention a little bit of a struggle in the beginning of the setup. First setup (as it required a few..) the renaming of the SSID access points rendered the router confused, it seemed to be un-connectable to either point with the correct credentials. A quick reset gave me access once more.. On the second attempt i noticed whilst tweaking its functionality, and this is a warning as well: When setting up a dual Extender channel and a direct access point (on the 5GHz channel) any access to the routers control panel was inaccessible. Understandably the router itself as an extender connected my local WLAN to reboot its signal so any direct IP connection was routed to the main access point. What was weird to me was that the 5GHz channel, the independent one, was also affected. Thus, i had no access to my Control Panel, and still do not as I write this… So make sure your setup is final!

Final Thoughts

All in all this router works, it’s benchmark seems a bit low on the claims, though you can’t quite believe much of many raw specs ¬†as there is always a buffer for general technological error (especially with storage devices) so it may not be a huge withdraw from purchasing it. The price is nice for its ability to handle two access points including a single one dedicated as an extender. Qos is a major plus for prioritizing packets especially for gamers. Of course there are better routers out there, within a few higher price points than this one, but the feature rich Netis is ideal for a low budget command center for all networking needs in the household.

The main feature here that is a major plus is the prioritizing and the packet handling, in the test the packet handling is negligible thus providing efficient connection transfers.

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