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Nexus RX-6300 630 Watt Power Supply


box_front box_back
Very clean, minimal art on the front. Features and Specs, all laid out—literally—in black and white.
box_side box_side2
Some charts and graphs to pore over. Another minimalist profile shot of the PSU, now with more contrast!
box_open box_open2
Plenty of foam padding, this is important for protecting the PSU from bumps and dings during shipment. Opening things up a bit.

Overall, the packaging is very clean, attractive, and to-the-point. No over-the-top silly CGI here, which is a welcome relief. The handle on top is a nice touch as well.  The PSU itself is well-protected with a pair of styrofoam caps above and below.  The internal cables, modular and fixed alike, are bundled into a cardboard box to the side with the long AC cable.

psu_label psu_rear
The label on the side gives you all the relevant info, so you don’t have to hang on to the packaging. As has become fairly standard, the rear is covered in a wide honeycomb mesh, for maximum airflow.
psu_front_connectors psu_bottom
The front is well laid-out, with clear labeling and color-coding for the modular cables. The intake fan grille has been recessed into the frame of the PSU slightly, which helps to avoid having it pushed into the fan blades.
Here’s the PSU laid out with all the optional connectors.

Once we get it out of its foam-and-cardboard cradle, the RX-6300 is fairly impressive-looking. The body is coated in a matte black finish that is quite attractive. The modular cable connections on the front are clearly labeled and well-spaced-out, so adding or removing cables is easy to do without dismounting the PSU.
The power switch on the back is next to the AC plug, but thankfully is placed above the plug, rather than to the sides or underneath. Anyone who has had to reach behind a cramped desk to hit the “off” switch in a hurry because of incoming thunderstorms will appreciate this simple boon.

The intake fan, which is a bit larger than normal at 135mm, is slightly recessed into the body of the unit. Many PSUs mount the fan grille so that it is poking out a bit, which can be a problem if your case mounts the PSU on the bottom as mine do. In this arrangement, the grille slowly gets pushed into the fan by the weight of the PSU, causing it to come into contact with the fan blades—yikes! The RX-6300 avoids this by mounting the fan a millimeter or so above the bottom of the enclosure, which lets them mount the fan grille flush with the bottom.

The cables are well-sleeved with vinyl mesh tubing, which is black with a white “X” pattern wrapping around for the whole length. The heatshrink tubing at either end of each cable is bound right up against the connector, which helps to preserve the black-and-grey aesthetic by hiding the brightly-colored wires inside. The wires are still somewhat visible on the 24-pin ATX motherboard cable, but unfortunately, there’s no way to avoid that short of individually sleeving each wire in the bundle.
The included 3m AC cable is a nice touch as well; most PSUs come with a 2m cable, which isn’t always enough to get from where you want the PC to where the wall plug is.

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