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OCZ 750W Fatal1ty Series Power Supply

Packaging and A Closer Look

Next, let’s open things up and see just what we’re dealing with here.

  box-front box-rear  

The packaging follows the usual Fatal1ty color scheme of red, black and silver. Right away, the front of the box tells you most of what you need to know. On back, they go into more detail, outlining all the critical features.

  box-top box-bottom  

Another quick run-down of the features on top, and a promotional blurb on the bottom accompanied by a detailed breakdown of the supplied current on each rail.

  box-open box-open-2  

Opening the box up, we see things have been wedged in fairly tight. The power supply itself sits there in a foam support, while the cables and accessories are concealed behind a cardboard divider.

  accessories accessories-2  

And speaking of accessories, here they are. Everything but the AC cable is stuffed into a zippered pouch, which is helpful for keeping those extra modular cables together. Inside the bag, we see a total of eight cables: four PCI-E, two SATA, two MOLEX/floppy. There are no zip ties or velcro cable ties to help keep things neat, but those are easily obtained.

  psu-back psu-bottom  

Looking at the back of the power supply itself, we see the by-now standard honeycomb vent grille, AC plug and power switch. Flipping it up on its side, we see the bottom is completely dominated by the 135mm fan, with a protective grill in place to keep unwary fingers and cables out.

  psu-side-1 psu-front  

On the side, we find the usual info sticker with current ratings and the usual slew of regulatory compliance icons. Around front, the attached ATX and EPS12V cables are accompanied by two rows of modular plugs, all clearly labeled.

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  1. OCZ is a great company with high quality products. I’ve been using my DDR ram from OCZ and after two years it’s still running strong. It’s safe to assume thesepower distribution blocks would have efficient power distribution!


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