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Ozone Radon Opto Mouse Review

Fit, feel, and function:
With the Ozone Radon Opto mouse plugged in, my Windows 7 system had no issues discovering this new peripheral. Visiting the Ozone site, I downloaded latest drivers and macro software, both of which were easy to download and install. With everything installed, I began using the mouse over the following week.
This mouse has a good feel in the hand and completely fills my medium to large hands. The texture used on the mouse is smooth, yet tacky and is extremely similar to the texture found on Razer mice (not a bad thing). The primary right and left click buttons have a firm and solid action to them, bucking my initial concerns about quality. The remaining 6 buttons are logically placed and aside from the profile button (bottom center), were easy to actuate without having to change hand position on the mouse. I am big fan of having as many programmable buttons on a mouse that ergonomics and functionality will permit, but I can’t stand having to change my grip mid gameplay to utilize them. So, it’s good to see that Ozone kept things functional when it comes to their programmable button placement.


Ozone Radon Opto Gaming Mouse Ozone Radon Opto Gaming Mouse Ozone Radon Opto Gaming Mouse


As mentioned earlier, out of the box…the mouse felt a little too light for my tastes, but mouse weight is a subjective thing and will differ from one person to the next. Ozone has included an adjustable weight system with 5 x 4.5 gram removable weights, so there is the ability to customize the mouse weight to accommodate “most” users.


Ozone Radon Opto Gaming Mouse Ozone Radon Opto Gaming Mouse


When it comes to function, the mouse tracks extremely well and I found no noticeable lag or jitter in the various FPS titles we are currently testing with. Adjusting the dpi on the fly worked as advertised and the experience was similar to other mice that offer this function. Ozone’s macro software is pretty simplistic, but functional. Allowing you to program 7 of the 8 buttons with 3 separate profiles, allows for a lot of customization. I personally didn’t have a need for that much customization, but I did setup a few macro’s for Star Wars: The Old Republic, which worked out nicely.

Possibly insignificant to some, it’s worth noting that I noticed a “chemical” smell on my mouse hand after use. I suspect this is just the newness of the plastic or texture on the exterior of the mouse and would eventually dissipate. Again, this isn’t overly significant, but I can’t remember ever having this issue with any other mouse I have used, so insignificant or not…I wanted to mention it.

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