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Phenom II x4 970 Black Edition.

3D Mark:


18k when compared against 47k is not itself an impressive score. However when you take into consideration the fact that our entire system is stock settings, not to mention the fact that our processor retails for approximately one third the cost of theirs. Suddenly this seemingly “average” score is looking better and better.

Crystal Mark:


This benchmark is fairly straightforward. It tests the performance of the entire system while handling the processing of certain numerical patterns.


The Phenom II 970BE is the new flagship in AMD’s quad core line-up, this processor unseats the 965BE as the top dog, let’s look at the actual difference in performance.



igraph 2

graph 3

graph 4


The numbers and scores represented in the synthetic benchmarks can seem arbitrary. When you compare two processors in the same family against one another you can see the true performance difference between one and the other. When you compare two processors from different manufacturers, or even different families, the results can be very skewed.  There is a decent performance increase between the two processors, and the great news is that AMD is releasing the processor at the same price point as the Phenom II 965BE. This is next to unprecedented for a company to improve the design of a product and then charge the same price for the better one.

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