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Genius HS-03U Bass Vibration Headset

Author:  Jason Dumbaugh
Date:  2007.09.18
Topic:  Audio
Provider:  Genius
Manufacturer:  Genius

Genius HS-03U Bass Vibration Headset

Genius HS-03U Headset

Genius has sent us one of their HS-03U Bass Vibrating headsets, which we eagerly tested out. It is an nice stylish headset that comes with a built in volume control piece, as well as a rotating microphone that assist with wearing it on the right or left side. Let's see what's inside:


Genius HS-03U Headset Genius HS-03U Headset

What is immediately noticable about the HS-03U is that the unit is USB powered instead of plugging into a normal headphone jack. Additionally the bass functionality draws its power from the USB port which saves you from having to change out batteries or listen to your bass fade as your batteries die.

From Genius:

"HS-03U is the latest Genius new USB headset and ideal for PC games or music. The HS-03U has an embedded vibration function and offers superior digital audio quality for enjoyment during gaming or listening to PC music. The noise-canceling microphone also makes your voice more clear during gaming or chatting, and the rubber microphone is easy to bend to your liking. Other features include a foldable headband, soft ear-pad, in-line volume control and the headset is Windows Vista capable."

Product pictures:

Genius HS-03U Headset
Genius HS-03U Headset
Genius HS-03U Headset
In-Line Volume Control
Bendable Microphone

Genius HS-03U Headset
Genius HS-03U Headset
Stylish sides
Comfy Leather Ear Pads

Specifications (from

Interface USB
Frequency response 20Hz~20KHz
Sensitivity 112dB
Impendence (@1KHz) 32ohm
Weight 200g
Cable length 1.5M
Vibration Yes
Frequency response 10Hz ~ 20KHz
Impedance 32ohm +/- 20%
Sensitivity 112dB +/-3dB@ 1KHz
Distortion (THD) <3% @1KHz for 1mW
Max input 5mW

Key features:
- Foldable USB gaming headset with vibration function
- Easy installation; plug and play with USB
- In-line volume control for volume and microphone
- Noise-canceling microphone assures clear voice

Genius HS-03U Headset
Genius HS-03U Headset


We tested the Genius HS-03U Gaming headset against a few others laying around the office. We also pitted it against another Genius product which was previously reviewed - the Genius HS-04V headset with Bass Vibration. A few random testers were called into the room and asked to listen to the same audio tracks on the two separate headphones and pick their favorite. We tested out the bass with E-40's
Muscle Cars. All of the reviewers picked the HS-03U over the HS-04V, saying that the HS-04V had tinny bass, which sounded very weak and fake. The HS-03U provided bass that resembled that of car subwoofers. Hands down, the Genius HS-03U won. I did notice that the headset was a little tight on the ears, and could not be worn over an extensive period of time.


The Genius HS-03U Bass Vibration Headset has great bass and very crisp sound for a $40 headset. It has comfy leather ear pads, a bendable microphone which you can form to your liking, and folds away for clean storage. It's extremely stylish, and is sure to get attention at your next LAN party.

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