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Overclockers Hideout  Nitro Watercooled Case review

Published By: Paul Machado
Review Date: August 9/2002
Product Supplied By: Overclockers Hideout

Cooler Master ATC210 Case w/ Side Window:

What makes this entire system stand above the rest has to be the fact that it is housed in the Cooler Master ATC210 case. The anodized aluminum case with very nice looking front blue swinging door and a side window this case will attract anyone's eyes.

The case coming very well packaged and there was no damage to any part of the case of watercooling kit. Since this case was shipped from the US to Canada which is usually a hard ship with those UPS guys handling these packages. But they were not able to damage this case. After the case is unwrapped you will begin to appreciate the absolute beauty of this case. The acrylic front swinging door opens and close with ease since magnetic hinges are used. After you stop drooling at the window you will begin to notice the beautiful finish of the aluminum exterior. I have seen and tested many aluminum cases including Lian Li ones and the Cooler Master has the best finish.

Moving to the back of the case there is nothing special to see really. Located on the back is a 80mm blowhole to exhaust warm air from the case. What you will also notice is the power supply bracket which is similar to the ones on Lian Li cases except there are no thumbscrews used on the bracket. There is also a 80mm blowhole at the top of the case which is standard and then there is the 120mm Enermax fan which sucks air off of the radiator. Looking to the bottom of the case now there are 4 round feet with rubber pads. The rubber will help prevent any vibrations depending on what surface the case is on and will allow the front door to be opened easily and not rub against the floor.

What makes this case stand out even more is the side window which is installed by CPUFX. The windows is made from lexan and takes up most of the side panel exposing the guts of the Nitro system. Add a cold cathode and dye the water and you'll have one of the best looking cases in your country (results may vary :).


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