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Nexus Beamair

Author:  Jason Dumbaugh
Date:  2008.11.22
Topic:  Cooling
Provider:  Nexus
Manufacturer:  Nexus

Nexus Beamair


Today, TechwareLabs looks at the history of the honeycomb, as well as the Nexus Beamair.


Back in the day, honeycombs were used by bees to store honey. These days, they can be screwed to fans to make airflow straight. Gosh look how far technology has come.

So buy a Nexus Beamair and support bees across the world.

All joking aside we were more than a bit surprised to find a package on our TWL doorstep with a fan adapter inside. We not so quietly muffled the instinct to laugh aloud and use it as a dog chew toy and set to work testing our ~$5 adapter.


BeamAir 80/92MM
  Universal application for 80mm and 92mm fans
  Dimensions 96x96x20 mm
     [LxWxH] 3.80x3.80x0.80 inch
  Materials Plastic
  Included in package BeamAir, 4x Mounting screws
BeamAir 120MM  
  Application for 120MM case Fan
  Dimensions 123x123x22 mm
     [LxWxH] 4.82x4.82x0.83 inch
  Materials Plastic
  Included in package BeamAir, 4x Mounting screws

If funneling airflow sparks the receptors in your brain in that special way, the BeamAir comes in 80, 92, and 120mm varieties. It seems Nexustek has actually done some fog testing to see where the airflow goes using this funky adapter. How does one bundle air?

Airflow without the BEAMAIR
Airflow WITH the BEAMAIR

Judging by the pictures on the site someone actually got paid to strap this to a box and blow fog through it. Exactly where does one go to get a job like that?

In the end, Beamair satisfied our funny bone and may actually lead to a reduction in temps in your rig by funneling air more precisely over your heatsink and those hot components. If you have pocket change to spare and the urge to bundle your air more efficiently then the Beamair might come in handy. Ok Scotty, beam me to the next review!

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