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Author:  Jason Knappenberger
Date:  2007.07.16
Topic:  Peripherals
Provider:  RoboForm
Manufacturer:  RoboForm


Do you have to many passwords to remember them all?  Are you worried about your personal information security if someone were to steal your passwords?  Sure, we all are and that's where password managers come in.  Few people use password managers, instead some rely on a paper or computer file which records all of their information. The latter method is much easier compromise than most realize and leads to identity and data theft. RoboForm helps you keep track of critical information and passwords in a secure manner.

A password manager is exactly what it sounds like.  A program you install on your computer or even a USB stick that keeps track of all your passwords for you and keeps them safe using advanced encryption.  Your choices of password manager will depend on the operating system you use, but for Microsoft Windows users, RoboForm is one of the best on the market.  Better still, it's free to try for 30 days.  Let take a look at some basic features that you get....

Features: (as shown on

            (A full list of features can be found at


Encryption is a means by which the information stored on your USB memory stick, in this case your passwords, is secured so that even if someone were to steal or find your data they cannot read it. Think of it as a really complicated method of scrambling your information on the memory device. Only you have the key to unscramble the data. The key is usually a single password or passphrase such as "TechwareLabs is my Favorite Site Ever!" which unlocks the data stored in the USB key. The strength of the encryption depends on the length of the master password used to secure the device. Most users will find that their devices are utilizing 128 bit encryption as their passwords are less than 32 characters long. In order to gain the full strength of 256 bit protection you would need a password greater than 48 characters which we feel is a bit much for most consumers of this type of software.

Algorithm Key Length Block Size
AES 128-256 16
Blowfish 256 8
RC6 256 16
3-DES 64 8
1-DES 64 8
    AES key length depends on Master Password key length:
* 128 bit for MP less than 32 chars,
* 192 bit for MP from 32 to 47 chars,
* 256 bit for MP 48 chars or longer.


It should be mentioned that RoboForm can be used with Windows XP, Windows 98 (with drivers), Windows Vista, Palm, Symbian,Windows CE (Pocket PC), and Windows Mobile. Additionally the automatic login and form filling information works for both Internet Explorer and Firefox. RoboForm also works with over 100 browsers and applications to save time. RoboForm2Go is software that works as described above but allows you to take the full functionality of RoboForm to any PC you should use. Going from Home to Office settings with all of your information secure. We were sent a copy of RoboForm2Go on their bundled 256MB USB 2.0 memory key which we tested to bring you these results.


            I been using RoboForm in both Windows XP and Windows Vista for a few weeks now and have to say it works flawlessly on both.  It makes remembering passwords and filling out online forms super easy.  We feel that RoboForm is well worth the $29.95 for the time and energy you'll save online.  Go to and take a look for yourself.

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