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Author:  Matt Homan
Date:  2008.06.09
Topic:  Storage
Provider:  Sans Digital
Manufacturer:  Sans Digital

Sans Digital HDDRACK5




When it comes to computer technology, we see many interesting hardware shown in T.V. shows. We see them in futuristic science fiction shows like Star Trek and in more relative shows like C.S.I. You may recall in the show "The Sara Conner Chronicles" there was a device called the "Turk," which was a device very similar to this, but was a two hard drive rack solution. This rack is designed to hold five drives as "Turk" in the show appears to only hold two. The HDDRACK5 is built by SANS DIGITAL.


First Impressions

The HDDRACK5 is very simple in its design as it is designed to hold three and a half inch wide SATA or IDE drives in an open air configuration. There is no enclosure to hide the drives from view. The rack is made of sturdy black gloss painted metal, with a hard drive rail system made of plastic. The rack comes with a 120mm fan which is connected to a side mounted circuit board, which is deigned to take a 20~24 Pin power supply connection and has an on/off switch. The rack is designed to accept a second rack on top with a single screw. Since TWL only had one shipped to us, no photos were taken with this addition. The HDDRACK5 is quite sturdy and pretty stable with it sure grip padded feet which seemed to hold the rack in place from sliding around. The package came with twenty turnbuckle screws, the rack and one thumb screw for the attachment of a second HDDRACK5.

Click on photos for larger view.
hd5-1 hd5-side
hd5-back hd5-full

Real Time Pricing:

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