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Rowkin Bit Stereo Earphones


logoI’ve grown so fond of these little fellas I’ve dubbed them “Bitphones” so far headphones implied some form of connection by cable either to a neck harness or the devices itself (ugh). This leads to dongles getting caught in just about any hook-like object protruding from a surface, shelves, doors, table corners, cats, drones, just whatever. It seems the longer the cable the bigger the object… Might as well be living room fishing.



Alright apart from the cable hate, the bitphones are well structured to fit in the crevice of your ear (granted ear size is a trial). As you twirl your head and body in directions good ol’ Relativity applies. An object stays in motion unless interrupted by another object. In classic headphone cases that ratchet cable that keeps wanting to hook up with every object around it. This cable causes an extra force to be exerted outward away from your ear and with momentum causes further forces to amplify. Thus the “Crawling earbud syndrome” arises as the earbud slowly escapes the earhole. Now imagine the lack of friction on the skin during exercise, it’s a struggle man.

Ok so they are portable, I can praise that itself all day, but the Rowkin Bits are also fantastic in sound, clear strings and deep basses, much higher quality than the LG shoulder harness headsets with a hundred times the portability. The noise control is decent as your environment will threaten your experience unless you brace your face muscles and push those bits a little bit extra in a direction towards the eye level (forward-up) this lets the ear get full access to the bits… just… keep your ears clean plz… and do apply hygienic discipline to the bits, be respectful of their awesomeness.





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