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Sapphire Edge-HD Mini PC/HTPC

First look:


Front of the box containing  basic info about the Edge-HD


Back of the box containing much the same information as the front.

Ont the font of the box Sapphire does note that you receive a USB drive containing all the necessary windows drivers, this is one of the first times I personally have seen a manufacturer give a thumb drive with the drivers instead of a CD even when the system doesn’t come with a CD drive.


The right side of the packaging showing the system specs.


A close up on system specs

(more detail later in the review)

The overall appearance of the packaging is fairly standard, just enough to entice without being too much flash. The overall effect is one of a professional product that both businesses and the average customer would buy.

A closer look:

edge-hd019 One of the first things you notice about the Sapphire Edge-HD is that its tiny and has a very clean look to it. The casing itself has a black matte finish to it that feels slightly rubberized this is very similar to the material a lot of phone casing comes in.
The back side of the Edge-HD mini PC these stickers are the SKU, part number and serial numbers, this also represents the only stickers adorning the box. Though included in the packaging are stickers denoting Intel Atom that you can choose to adorn your PC with. edge-hd017
edge-hd016 To show just the actual size of the Edge-HD I placed a normal non-gorilla hand next to the unit showing that the Edge HD is just about the same size as a normal hand, its about as wide as one as well.
The side of the unit which contains most of the connections including VGA, HDMI, USB, gigabit Ethernet, Audio and power. The wireless b/g/n antenna is internal. edge-hd018
edge-hd0233 A close up of the only 2 buttons / compartments that adorn the Edge-HD the power button and the HD light shown prominently on the side and on the edge you can see the flap that covers 2 front facing USB ports.
A closer look at the ports available on the Edge-HD. From left to right you have Mic in, Audio out, power, Ethernet, USB 2x, HDMI, and VGA. edge-hd024
edge-hd001 Last but surely not least is the additional components that come with such a nice unit as the Sapphire Edge-HD. Manual, HDMI cable, HDMI to DVI adapter, USB containing drivers, Power brick and cable, and Base station.
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