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SKYlasers 125mw Green Laser

A Closer Look:

The SKYlasers pointer we received set itself apart from others as soon as we opened the box. The box itself is covered in a soft felt like material and inside the pointer is broken down into four parts, batteries, two end caps, and the pointer. this is the first laser pointer in this price range and size that we have seen come with a key operated battery cap. The functionality of which is broken down as follows:


  • Green Setting: The laser pointer will operate at high power.
  • Red Setting: The laser pointer is locked and will not turn on if the power button is depressed.
  • Yellow Setting: We are no longer offering the low power feature on our laser pointers.

The usefulness of this feature becomes immediately apparent once you turn on the unit. The dot is so bright that for standard pointing applications you might wish to turn it down.  Our testing and questions to the manufacturer returned the fact that the low power setting is achieved through the use of a resistor. SKYlasers does have plans to alter this feature in future models to enable the low power feature to actually result in power savings to the device.

The key activated function of the 125mw SKYlasers pointer also serves as a safety feature preventing accidental turn on of the device and as a reminder to wear eye protection before turning the unit on.

skylasers-1 skylasers-2 skylasers-3

So what can a 125mw laser do?


Power Capabilities:

Power Output (mW)
200-400 95-150 55-75 15-35 5
Laser “spot” visible
IR Filter Technology
Laser beam visible w/ smoke or fog
Laser Beam visible at night
Laser Beam visible in lighted area
Laser Range > 15 miles
Make holes in black trash bags
Daytime smoke detection
Stings bare skin
Laser Range > 50 miles
Burn dark fabrics
Light darkened matches
Pop dark colored balloons
Cut black electrical tape
Etch dark plastics and leathers
Light fireworks
Melt rubber and plastics
Laser Range > 100 miles
Light cigars and cigarettes

Thats right up to 100 miles range for the top end powered units. For our test unit a reality is about 20 miles range.  Which means yes you can easily hit planes, trains, and automobiles with this laser. . . that is of course if you want the FAA to come knocking at your door accompanied by the police.  THIS IS NOT A TOY!  It is an Uber-Gadget with a Luke SKYwalker lightsabre like appearance at night and should be respected. That being said SKYlasers offers laser safety goggles that work very well and will allow you to use your pointer without fear of burning your retina and going blind.


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  1. military grade laser pointer is the most powerful laser among all series of laser diodes, which can always bring you unexpected surprise while using it.

  2. 125mw laser is not power enough.People usually like to use a military grade high power green laser, which will bring you unexpect surprise at any possible time.

  3. It would be a wonderful thing for people to use a military grade high power green laser, which will bring you unexpect surprise at any possible time. Just enjoy the wonderful experience from it.

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    These lasers are just plain and if one seeks a top notch green laser pointer with high stability beam power, these LINK REMOVED waterproof green laser pointers is bound to be a great choice coz it can left on for longer time. And the beam profile quality is much better than ordinary laser pointers.

  6. A good news is that Jetlasers has now released the Portable Lasers Pointers C(hard aluminium hosts and FDA certified safety features), mainly in 532nm, 650nm, 808nm, 980nm and 1064nm, and powered from 50mw to 600mw. This portable laser model is exactly like the Cni PGL model with the same battery runtime(3.7v 18650 lithium battery), but it runs brighter in high stability.

  7. An IR Filter 150mw green laser pointer is powerful enough to meet your need.

  8. 125mw laser is not power enough.

  9. Pen-sized lasers are not excellent in heat sink, while I bet this focusable 250mw green laser will take your breath away.


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