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Sparkle Geforce GTX480 Video Card


Here is the outside of the box. It is very straightforward, contains some key features as well as the very prominent company logo on the front of the box.

A Closer Look

Standard white box within the external sleeve.

Here are the adapters that come with the card. Sparkle has spared no expense and has even included the mini-HDMI cable so this card is truly HDMI ready right out of the box. I would also like to note that just because they included the adapters to run your nice new card off of two 4-pin molex adapters, does NOT MEAN ITS A GOOD IDEA TO DO SO! If your power supply doesn’t have the necessary connections to support this video card without “adapters”, then maybe its time to consider a new power supply.

Here are the included drivers, manuals, and the very helpful quick install guide. I’m betting if you dropped the cash for this card, you aren’t going to need a quick install guide. But who am I to judge.

Take a moment to soak in the glory. This card is dual slot for purposes of ventilation, but there are also four heat pipes to cool the GPU on this monster. Take note of the power requirements; this card requires both a 4, 8, and 6 pin connection.


Model number : SXX4801536D5-NM
Graphics Processing : Geforce GTX480
Processor Cores : 480
Core Clock : 700 MHz
Memory Clock : 3696 MHz
Memory Type : 1536MB GDDR5
Memory Interface : 384-bit
Processor Clock : 1401 MHz
Bus Type : PCI-Express 2.0

I’ve spent enough time looking at this card. I’m ready to see what this baby can do.

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  1. can pictures of item get any shittier?


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