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Synology DS209+ NAS

The DS209+ setup is just like the DS207+ but rather than a white case of the DS207+, the DS209+ comes in black. Again just like the DS207+, the DS209+ has same ports of two USB 2, and 1GB port. Though the DS209+ is running a 70mm fan unlike the DS207+’s 60mm fan.
Internal - Mounting rails for SATA Drives, SATA connections, Power Connections Simple, clean easy to install SATA connections
Inside the DS209+ we see here is not much to look at. The mounting rails for two SATA II drives and a few interface ports Closer look at the ports of the DS209+ is simple as it can be. So setting up such a device is very simple with all provided cables and the only part to purchase would be two SATA II drives
Two SATA HD Mounted with provided SATA and power cables . Two SATA HD Mounted with provided SATA and power cables .
The two SATA II hard drives were installed and the sata cables and power cables were installed (cables provided) the cover was reinstalled and the DS 209+ was powered on. Angled view of the hard drive and cable installation.


The setup of the DS209+ is just like our test DS207+, with simple wizards which walk any user through a step by step setup. The setup of our DS207+ we used two 300GB SATA II drives which took about 6 ~ 8 hours to run the consistency check. We used two Western Digital 1 terabyte drives which the consistency check ran for what seemed to be an eternity. Of course human interaction is not needed during this process, so we suggest starting the consistency check step just before you leave work for the evening or just before the home user goes to bed. Once completed, the DS209+ is ready for use. Since the review of the DS207+, Synology has released the “Synology Disk Station Manager 2.0” an AJAX user interface which has softened the look of the list of features and simplified the interface of all Synology devices.

quickinstallcd001.jpg quickinstallcd01.jpg
The initial screen is a search of your network to discover you new Synology device. Here you see both the DS207+ and the DS209+ The next steps for setting up your DS209+ the setup wizard walks your through each setting.
quickinstallcd02.jpg quickinstallcd04.jpg
Now since TechwareLabs had recieved the DS209+, Synology had released a newer firmware which was downloaded from their website and the setup wizard walked us though updating the DS209+ in under 2 minutes. After all the setup questions were done, we were left the with the dreaded consistency check. Now, this is not by any means only for the Synology. Consistency Check is found on all RAID systems.

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