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ThinkTank – Retrospective 6 Shoulder Bag

Dynamic Usage


As before mentioned, the only usage is not limited to camera and photography equipment. The customizable chamber lets you not only fit bigger, wider devices but the velcro sides can act as custom pockets for anything you’d like to store without hassle. Wouldn’t it be nice if everything didn’t have a single use? Well, we can be wishful thinkers but with the Retrospective 6 . I’ve found a multitude of storage options that help customize my loadout for that day. From Photographing products for a website to carrying my Teaching supplies to my profession. It’s a calming thought that one doesn’t need to have a bag for everything.

With plenty of pocket space including a frontal large pocket for a Bluetooth keyboard to present some web design demo’s to future customers and entrepreneurs its so freaking easy to customize my daily routine, with such a small and light bag. Yes, being 6 feet tall doesn’t mean I’m ok with constantly carrying heavy equipment across college campuses and navigating in the heat of the sun with my back covered by a regular backpack only to remove the backpack and find a large pond resting on my back. Thank you so very much sunshine state. Will there be winter this year? 

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