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Tt eSports Shock Spin Gaming Headphones

Overall Performance

In terms of general audio performance, the Shock Spin is a slightly above average headset with a rather unique twist.  The lightweight design of the headphones allows quite a bit of sound to escape into the area around the wearer, lending to the illusion that the 50mm drivers are a good five to six inches further away than they actually are.  Several times while testing the Spin, I turned to acknowledge whoever had walked into my room, only to come to the embarrassing realization that it was noise from the headset.  This is both a blessing and a curse, as it increases sound quality for the wearer, but also makes them a potential annoyance for anyone nearby.

Side View

Though a gaming headset, the Shock Spin boasts compatibility with multimedia devices (using the standard 3.5mm jack), and as such it was put through a round of testing using music chosen to portray the entire range of audio.  Cranking up the volume to test the much lauded bass, we begin with a gauntlet of house music.  Deadmau5’s “Ghosts n Stuff” sounds remarkable for a pair of headphones with no sub woofer; clear bass with very little muddling of the treble notes mixed in; so far, so impressed.  Next up is Ronald Jenkees’ “Guitar Sound,” and it sounds amazing.  The intro riff is clear and concise, the bass comes in pounding without drowning out the rest of the track.  Sadly, once the full onslaught of sound kicks in, the quality is a tad muddled, but by no means ruined.  Moving on to more traditional music, Harold Faltermeyer and Steve Stevens’ “Top Gun Anthem.” Again, the opening guitar lick sounds amazing, but as more tones filter in, sound quality suffers.  By no means as layered as the previous tracks, this is the Shock Spin sounding at its best so far.  The drum solo sounds out loud and clear, and the bass does not fail to impress me.  For a “gaming headset” the Spin delivers amazing sound quality with music.  Finally, we come to my personal favorite: Angel’s and Airwaves new track “Anxiety.”  Here I am looking for the keyboard to sound clear and bright, followed by the bass kick from the drum set.  Yet again, the Spin does not fail to deliver clear tones and notes, becoming only slightly muddled when all the musical layers come together.

A view from the top

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